Saturday, May 29, 2010

Agnes B, I love

Get a replica of the above bag

Agnes B Replica
Material: PU
Size: Large
Colour: Navy
Code: AB 001


Must have Longchamp

Ermmmm.. not this of course as this is the authentic Longchamp
Look at these 2

U can't really tell the difference aite?!
Get it for a crazy cheaper price but its a replica of course!

Size: Medium
Colour: Pink and Orange
Code: LC 001 (Pink) and LC 002 (Orange)
RM 38

Expect it to come in this way to you, yup it can be folded!

Replica Sling Coach (Comeback)

Coach Sling Bag (Replica)
Size: Small
Colour: Light Brown
Code: CC003

RM 35

Crepe Bag

Dark Fuschia
Code: FB 009
Code: FB 010

Its Crepe and its Lovely
Material: PU
Size: Small-Medium
Colour: It may look the same but very much diff
Dark Fuschia and Burgundy
Code: FB 009 (Fuschia) and FB 010 (Burgundy)

RM 50

Bucket Bag

Bucket Bag Comeback
Material: PU
Size: Medium
Colour: Khaki Brown
Code: NB 036

RM 45

Inspired Miu Miu is back

Only 1 stock left
RM 65

Samantha Vega Replica

Its a replica of Samantha Vega Celebrity Chained Bag (can't get enuff with the chained bag)
Material: PU
Size: Medium
Colour: Dark brown
Code: SV001

RM 38

New Stock is IN!

Dear All,
Sorry for the delay, but I'll be updating New Stocks (very the CUN2 ;p), by tonight yuh!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bag Crazy Clearance SALE

Dear Fellow Followers / Visitors, 1000 apologies for being 'absent' for quite some time. Had too, for personal reason :( (due to my 'full-time' job transition). BUT, GOOD NEWS, I'm clearing off the OLD stocks (end of season) as I'm taking in new stocks SOON (tungguuuu!)

Code: CLS 013 (Curls Brown)
Code: CLS 014 (Curls Black)
RM52 not inclusive postage AVAILABLE

Code: CLS 012 (Yellow Docs)
RM 38 not inclusive postage
Code: CLS 013 (Brown Docs)
RM 38 not inclusive postage

Code: CLS 010 (White Wallet)
RM 20 not inclusive postage
Code: CLS 011 (Red Wallet)
RM 20 not inclusive postage

Code: CLS 007 (Fashion Blue)
RM 30 not inclusive postage
Code: CLS 008 / CLS 009 (Pink SOLD / Black AVAILABLE)
RM 43 not inclusive postage

Code: CLS 005 (Brown Snakey Belt)
RM 45 not inclusive postage
Code: CLS 006 (Black Chain)

Code: CLS 003 (Black Dinner)
RM 48 postage not inclusive
Code: CLS 004 (Lavender Dinner)
RM 40 postage not inclusive

Code: CLS 001 (Dark Brown Stud)
RM 33 not inclusive postage
Code: CLS 002 (Yellow Stud)
RM33 not inclusive postage

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Quilt Wallet - Bottega Veneta alike

Its a wallet with NO coins compartment and its VERY SMALL
Material: PU
Size: SMALL about 15cm in length
Colour: Red and White
Code: WL001 (Red) and WL002 (White)
RM 25

Flower Quilt

Sweet Yellow Flowery-Quilt
Material: Soft PU
Size: Big
Colour: Yellow
Code: FB008
RM 55

Stud-Glam-Gold Chained

Its Glamorous + Gold Studs + Gold Chained + CHEAP
Material: PU
Size: Small
Colour: Yellow and Brown
Code: NB033 (Yellow) and NB034 (Brown)

Document/Netbook Bag - Restocked

Remember this document bag? Yes, we have restocked. But left with only 2 colours (Yellow and Khaki)
Material: PU
Size: Medium to Small
Colour: Yellow and Khaki
Code: NB031 (Yellow) and NB032 (Khaki)
RM45 (Cheaper NOW)

Hot Pink for Hot Ladies

I pesonally think its Gorgeous as PINK is my Fav Colour! We have it in BLACK too!
(it comes with additional adjustable strap)
Material: PU
Size: Medium to not-so-Big
Colour: Pink and Black
Code: FB006 (Pink) and FB007 (Black)
RM 55

Fashionably 'Blue'

Trendy-Fashion and its in BLUE
(it comes with additional adjustable strap)
Material: PU
Size: Medium
Colour: BLUE
Code: FB005
RM 38

Coffee & Black Curls

Sexy Curls Bag and we have it in Black too (In the above picture is in Coffee Brown).
Material: High PU
Size: Medium
Colour: Coffee Brown and Black
Code: FB003 (Coffee Brown) and FB004 (Black)
RM 66


Left to Right: Fieza from Classy Collection, Yours Truly aka Alisyia and my sista from Sparks & Static
Our 1st 'newsletter'!
We had a BLAST last weekend 27th Feb 2010 at Subang Parade. Thanx to our dear visitors and customers who made it and support us on that day. We are sure to join more 'events' next round. It was really FUN as we even had a 'celebrity' dropped by at our booth, winks ;p!!

Be a Follower and get a 'Privilege Discount'

Dear visitors, its really EASY to enjoy discount at Bag Crazy. Just be a follower and you'll enjoy an automatic 10% discount for your 1st item and get the 2nd and above for 15%. BAsically if you are 1st a follower you'll get a discount and if you are a follower PLUS you buy more than 1, the more discount you'll receive, VOILA!

How to be a FOLLOWER?
Simple, click at the FOLLOWERS icon on the lowest Left panel and just register.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

We will be in Subang Parade this Saturday. C ya!

Guess wat? We'll be participating in a bazaar (pls refer the ad below) and will be displaying our latest BAGS in Subang Parade (opposite Celebrity Fitness) this coming Saturday 27th Feb 2010 from 11am - 9pm. And this is our FIRST.
Look out for CLASSY - CRAZY as we'll be joining CLASSY COLLECTION from

To show our appreciation to our customers AND our blog's visitors, we are giving out discount to those who visit our booth in Subang Parade this Saturday with a PASSWORD upon payment, ;D! Isn't it FUN, its like you are getting discount by playing a 'GAME' with us.
It's easy.
1st Step: Purchase any of the BAGS with the GREEN Tag (Remember only GREEN Tag)
2nd Step: Give us the PASSWORD upon payment
3rd Step: VOILA! The Bag is yours!
WHAT YOU'LL GET: 10%-15% off from the PRICE on the GREEN TAG
C u there! Be sure to stop at CLASSY-CRAZY to be the 1st to check on our latest stocks (MARCH stocks before we publish it ONLINE at BAG CRAZY).

Monday, January 25, 2010

Featured ;D!

We've been REVIEWED, this time at FASHION CLICKS. Thanx a million!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

MIU MIU Inspired Studded Bag

This GORGEOUS Stud Bag is a MIU MIU Inspired. My FAVOURITE.

Material: PU

Size: Medium

Colour: Beige

Code: FB 002

was RM 80